[WORKSHOP] Speak now or forever hold your Brand

17.10.2019 11:30 - Roald Amundsen Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

When it comes to taking risks, presenting, selling and executing bold ideas, we find it easier with pro-bono or social campaigns - but when it comes to the daily routine of our briefs, work plans and marketing tasks, we are usually choosing the safe and conservative path, our instinct is not to disturb or upset our clients or our consumers.

During this workshop, we will inspire you to understand why this is the era to take risks, do bold creative work that touches people, and take a stand on how choosing this path will bring our clients and brands a long term relationship and make consumers choose the bold brand, the one who dares to take a stand and not the one that hold it tongue.

Illustration done by Yossi Madar, Gitam BBDO, Israel