Anatomy of Effectiveness

Today’s marketers are expected to keep up to date with the latest trends shaping the marketing landscape to deliver results. Find out what are the key building blocks of ad effectiveness with Kavita Patel, Advisory Lead at WARC for EMEA.

Simplify The Future: how a new perspective on creativity can lead us to a better use of tech and a more inspiring and impactful tomorrow?

Fabio Seidl, Director for Global Creative Development at Meta (USA) believes we should simplify the future. Working collectively to make creativity, emerging tech, platforms, and storytelling accessible and exciting to everybody. And he’ll show how in his keynote at the Golden Drum.


How Graphic Design affects the mental state, pulls emotional strings & delivers change?

Founder and Creative Director of Wali’s Studio, multiple-award-winning designer, Young Drummer Competition’s Jury President and TED Global Speaker, Ghada Wali will by presenting several case studies show us how graphic design can affect the mental state, pull emotional strings and deliver change.

The Future of Brands: Leveraging Experiential Platforms and Multisensory to Breakthrough

In today’s world, we are bombarded by messages via the multiple devices we carry. How can brands break through this clutter while delivering a prime user experience at every touch point and infusing innovation and passion each step of the way. Please join Jeannette Liendo, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Mastercard Europe to learn about the latest trends in Europe and how we can delight our consumers.


Meaningful innovation – a force for good

As we find ourselves in a new and quickly shifting reality, meaningful approach to innovation is more important than ever before. How can we make sure that technology serves the right purpose as we approach new challenges together?

Fast Creativity. How the war brings up the best in Ukrainian agency.

Why it’s important to be fast and brave in today’s world. We all hate short terms. But fast projects are the new normal and they can win big. Learn how to create fast and furious projects and still love your job.


Timeless Creativity

The pandemic increased yet the high speed of technological developments. In an age where automation is rapidly progressing and machines are getting even closer to meeting human capabilities, we will explore the skill they cannot match – creativity. Sebastian Stępak will be picking the brain of the newest Golden Drum Hall of Fame Members and two of the most brilliant creative minds and leaders; Jorg Riommi and Jason Romeyko.

The Cheat Codes

Don’t miss Saulo Rocha, Chief Creative Officer at DAVID Madrid sharing a few tricks on how to unlock the full potential of a brand inside the gaming universe.


Time to reconnect and enjoy the festival vibe.

Golden Drum Awards Show

The highlight of the 28th Golden Drum Competition! Join us for this special gala event where we will once again honour great creativity.

Party with Konstrakta

Don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes! We’ll be celebrating creativity the best way we know how…by showing our creative moves on the dance floor.

Weekend Media Festival Program

To be held on the premises of the old Tobacco Factory from 22 to 25 September, the 15th edition of the best festival in the Balkans region will once again comment on and announce current and upcoming trends, present news from the media industry, and share experiences and successful practices. The specific quality of this unique and popular festival is in the current, rich and diverse programme, attractive speakers and informal socialising in Rovinj’s pleasant environment. The guiding principle of every year’s programme is the idea of optimism and creativity, bringing up the most important topics from different but interconnected industries and fields.

Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.

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