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Robert Scott Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[SHOWREEL] Let’s see the Golden Drum entries

Check out the screening of the work entered at the 26th Golden Drum competition and let yourself be inspired by creative works competing for the best of the best in the WHAT and WHY competition sections.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[TALK] Stop talking and start doing: Why real change takes real action, from brands and agencies.

If brands today want to survive and thrive, talking simply isn’t enough. It’s critical brands match their actions to their words if they want to connect with customers and drive their business. So how can we, their agencies, be better at helping them solve their real business challenges?

Roald Amundsen Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[SHOWREEL] Molodiya International Social Ads Festival selection

Molodiya Festival is an Ukrainian festival of social advertising for young creators. At this time when the video is the king of content, their goal is to encourage young people to make difference with socially important videos.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[TALK] The Last Ever Issue - transforming a narrative about women in Poland

Ewelina and Dawid will present the case study of „The Last Ever Issue”, a vivid example of culture-shifting creativity that won the first Cannes Lions Grand Prix ever given to Poland. Come and listen to what happened to the longest running Polish porn magazine after it was bought out by VMLY&R Warsaw.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[TALK] Inclusion4Power

Rose and Andres will discuss collaboration, distribution and access, three powerful concepts that have the power to impact today. Welcome to the new era of inclusiveness. They will share insights, brand examples and creative starters with us, all to be better prepared for the next meaningful step.

Roald Amundsen Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[WORKSHOP] Am I a branding or an advertising guy?

When a lot of gifted people are leaving the industry. When festivals are struggling to stay relevant in the actual business context. When work-life balance is just another way of staying in the paradigm. When brand purpose and brand activism become the norm. Who and where are we? We, the creative bricks of the wall described above. We have to go to therapy. Our own personal brand therapy. Each personal story is a hybrid solution impossible to be applied to the rest of us. Before burn-out and “left job”, let’s think inside our box!

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[TALK] Purposeful Procreation

Dave will discuss how purpose-driven work abounds, and how the partners, mediums and making capabilities available to agencies can inspire abundant proactive work.

Robert Scott Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[SHOWREEL] Let’s see the Golden Drum shortlisted entries

Check out the screening of the work that the 26th Golden Drum Festival WHAT and WHY Jury choose to include among the shortlisted entries.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[DISCUSSION] LGBTQiA+ Advertising - Growing Tolerance or Rainbow-Washing?

From printing a magazine in HIV positive blood to taking the conversation into a concentration camp to even marrying Siri & Alexa, Jason Romeyko Worldwide Executive Creative Director of Serviceplan has long used his clout behind LGBTQIA+ causes. At a time when many brands are accused using the Community for marketing purposes, he wants to sanity check if we are helping or harming the people the work tries to champion.

TreeTop Restaurant, Mind Hotel Slovenija


Creativity requires an active mind. How better to fuel your creativity than to take a break from inspiring lectures and to visit the Golden Drum’s food corner? A variety of warm meals for only 10 EUR and a complimentary welcome drink awaits!

Roald Amundsen Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[PORTFOLIO SPEED DATING] Save the world and save your ideas

Full of energy? Ready to show the world what you are made of? If that’s a yes, the jury is excited to hear your ideas on how Coca-Cola should act for a world without waste. Bring your ideas and your portfolio and present them to our jury members. You have 15 minutes to do that and win one of the prizes of the competition: 3.000 EUR (Grand Prix), 2.000 EUR (Gold Prize) and 1.000 EUR (Silver Prize)!

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[TALK] Why and how creativity “eats strategy for breakfast”?

The pace of change these days is so vague and uncertain but already fast and loud - nobody could really forecast precise outcomes or even possible scenarios. We see, how Science and IT industry impact changes in all industries as well as leadership. Therefore, we are saying that IT is probably most creative industry which enables future outlook, inevitable transformation and a lot of individuals` potential. The talk “Why and how creativity “eats strategy for breakfast”?” is going to be about why, how and who exactly would lead the change.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[TALK] The Brain Behind Creativity

Has creativity anything to do with the brain and if so, where exactly can we find this fountain of sparkling new ideas? Is creativity a truly human trait or can we find creative animals?

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[TALK] Solving Ad Fraud: Repairing What is Broken by Learning from Other Industries

Problem solving is a universal skill and is agnostic of what industry or market you operate in. Method Media Intelligence incorporated learnings from the art industry and government managed currencies, to create a system where digital advertising is authenticated and systematically validated. Shailin and Kirsten will share their process and findings of how standardization and systematic efforts can be far more effective than any one sophisticated technology.

Mind Hotel Slovenija
Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[TALK] A Human Story

“We are at the dawn of a new age - the age of machine intelligence and the question is, how does this age reflect upon our humanity? In the world of social media where information is shared and abundant, we are getting increasingly isolated, yet a photograph has the power to stir a complex emotional response. I believe in that power and through my stories I aspire to connect people as they begin to relate to those portrayed in my photographs by means of empathy and compassion.”

Coca-Cola Beach, Mind Hotel Slovenija


After a long day you deserve a happy hour! A chance to mingle with new people, meet old friends and make new business associates.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

[AWARD CEREMONY] Golden Drum Grand Award Ceremony

The highlight of the 26th Golden Drum Competition! Who will step on the Grand Stage and raise their hard-earned Golden Drum Award high in the air? Join us for this special gala event where we will honour great creativity. Section WHAT and Section WHY Jury Presidents will announce the winners.

Mind Hotel Slovenija

[GOLDEN PARTY] Golden Drum Grand Finale

Raise your glass to the new knowledge, friendships and great work we discovered at the 26th Golden Drum Festival. Cheers to the better of tomorrow!