Claiming Leadership in Innovation and Turning Competitors into Followers


Alberto Mattiello, Professor of Digital Innovation, Bocconi University, Italy and Head of ‘Future Thinking’ Project, J. Walter Thompson, Miami, USA

Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Connections and Artificial Intelligence are phenomena that impact every market. No one is invulnerable. Everyone is in tech Business now.

The biggest challenge creatives, marketers and business leaders face is to connect the dots between tech innovation and market’s emerging expectations.

In his speech Alberto will share an applicable approach to reading evolution of customer aspirations through the technological development.

His Future Thinking Method allows to cut through the tech buzz, reverse-engineer latest innovations to get to the bottom of an intriguing question: What’s the role of creativity in how product will be designed, marketed and sold?

This simple, but powerful model helps to foresee future trends and shows the key differentiator in why certain innovations will become successful and how digital will disrupt many of the traditional business models.