Cüneyt Devrim, Managing Partner, Project House HAVAS Istanbul, Turkey

It’s not easy to leave your mark in anything. Misfits, courageous adventurers, unconventionals, people that push their limits and nonconformists are usually the ones that will leave a mark. Advertising industry is in a vast amount of change in the last ten years. Nowadays, raised voices from all over the world talk about digital transformation. However, one big question remains – is the “Adman” as we know him on the verge of extinction or not? Fundamentals of the industry try to stand still, but the channels, users, perceptions, segmentations and brand connections are constantly changing with the speed we cannot coupe with. So at this stage of the industry, who will leave its mark in this creative space? What is the next “Adman” prototype, which will be successful and win the future, like?