The festival offers a platform where Young Drummers, passionate young creatives under 30 years old, can find inspiration, develop creative skills, gain industry insights and explore issues and ideas that will Re:Shape the industry’s future. The festival encourages critical thinking, creative risk-taking, and community building through informal, professional, and peer-led learning experience offered during the Creative Accelerator Day, a whole day of the program held online and free of charge.


Who’s the best player in the game of advertising? Gut or science? What gets more awards, fame, and glory? And how about yourself: are you thinker from the gut, led by instinct? Or are you a researcher? An analytical, data-driven creative? Joao and Nina question this duality to learn more about themselves, their teams, and the industry. What results in the best work, and most importantly... who will win… gut or science?

[CREATIVE ACCELERATOR TALK] Traffic warden, brand leadership, and brand innovation

Exploring fallacies and truths about brand leadership and brand innovation within a context of bigger and smaller organisations/brands. There are few topics that are more essential to transformative paths of brands, yet brands seem to often struggle to fulfil their innovative potentials. We’re going to explore this topic through an example of one very special traffic warden. Seriously.

[CREATIVE ACCELERATOR TALK] Ditching the »good enough« mentality for (greater) good

Can brands make a difference in our society? Can marketing campaigns actually put a dent in or even tear down the obstacles that stand in the way of creating greater good? Or is »wanting to do good« already »good enough«? We will look into some good examples of CSR and spot the core differences between creating campaigns for the actual greater good on a global versus local/regional scale. Come check out what happens after pressing the X to the »good enough« mentality in your campaigns and join us for a discussion about the role of creativity in the painstaking process of changing hearts!

[CREATIVE ACCELERATOR TALK] Global Workforce Management the Right Way (Without Losing Your Mind)

Successful entrepreneurship involves taking risks. Learn what it takes to build a successful business by listening to Eynat Guez, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Papaya Global share her story of Papaya Global, one of the fastest growing start-ups in Israel.

[CREATIVE ACCELERATOR TALK] Why each and every one of us should know PR

No matter what your job is, thinking like a PR person is a mandatory skill for today and for the future. Discover how you can develop a PR mindset, why it is so important to train this skill, and how it can significantly elevate any creative work that you do.

[CREATIVE ACCELERATOR TALK] Graphische and Golden Drum for Young Drummers

Golden Drum Festival teamed up with the “Graphische”, the leading institution for education in the fields of printing and media technology, photography, multimedia, and graphic and communication design in Austria, to create a unique opportunity for their Masterclass students by organizing a learning experience through a competition for the best creative concept targeting Young Drummers. In this live presentation, we will hear from the professors and the winning team - Drechsler Mariella, Grimm Lisa, and Sprajc Yann. Young creatives will share their unique learning experience and the work process behind the winning solution that impressed the jury.

[CREATIVE ACCELERATOR ANNOUNCEMENT] Young Drummers Competition Winner Reveal

Tune in to find out all about Young Drummers Competition! Why the brief “Slovenia, The Land of Active Holidays” was created, get an insight into the judging process, find out which entries impressed our jurors the most and who actually won the competition, 1.000 EUR prize and virtual stage time!

Golden Drum program will be held online and free-of-charge. Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.

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