Fly With a Book

Awards: Shortlist
Entry code: 0502006GD21
Agency: McCann Sofia
Advertiser / client: Mastercard
Group: E. DIGITAL, MOBILE & TECHNOLOGY, Communication Websites 

Creative idea

In times of less traveling and less reading, we took the age-old truth that people can travel through books - and made it literal by turning an existing online bookshop into a fully functional travel website. On the platform, you can book destinations, time periods, follow our special offers, select types of vacation and leave reviews. When your choice is set, you are redirected to a selection of books which can take you to your dream vacation. You can join a Frequent Flyer Club where you gather pages instead of miles. Those pages are later converted into real trips.

Brand name: Mastercard
Advertiser / client: Mastercard
Product / service: Mastercard
Campaign name: Fly With a Book
Agency: McCann Sofia
Web address:
Executive creative director: Tsanka Krusheva
Creative director: Ivan Landzhev
Art director: Boris Bratkov
Copywriter: Todor Bodurov
Designer: Boris Bratkov
Account director (agency): Julia Koleva
Client account director: Polina Vidas
Strategic planner / strategist: Ivan Kirov


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