Iconic life hack column Niksi-Pirkka found its way from print to TikTok

Entry code: 0506001GD23
Agency: hasan & partners, Helsinki
Advertiser / client: Kesko
Group: E. DIGITAL, MOBILE & TECHNOLOGY, Apps and Mobile Content

Creative idea

In Finland we have this iconic thing called Niksi-Pirkka. A cultural phenomenon that has existed in Pirkka Magazine since 1974, sharing life hacks for the nation. But as you may have heard, print is somewhat dead. Introducing: TikTok. We took the dusty ol’ Niksi-Pirkka outside its comfort zone and brought it to the demanding Generation Z who see through a brand’s bull before you can say ‘fellow kids’. To crack the code on how to build a relevant community on TikTok, our Pirkka Hacks guy was born…

Brand name: Pirkka Hacks
Advertiser / client: Kesko
Product / service: Pirkka Hacks
Campaign name: Pirkka Hacks
Agency: hasan & partners, Helsinki
Media agency: Miltton
Production company: hasan & partners
Web address:
Art director: Topi Leikas
Copywriter: Noora Kirjavainen & Topi Leikas
Account director (agency): Reino Tikkanen
Client account director: Jari Viljemaa & Paula Niemistö
Film production: Noora Kirjavainen & Topi Leikas
Screenwriter: Noora Kirjavainen & Topi Leikas
Agency producer: Karina Mamadalieva
Post production: Amélie Fagerholm
Additional company: hasan & partners Creative: Noora Kirjavainen Creative: Topi Leikas Producer: Karina Mamadalieva Animator: Amélie Fagerholm Service Manager: Juulia Forcellese Service Manager: Charlotte Hoffman Business Director: Reino Tikkanen Brand Services Director: Tanja Salminen Video Editor: Lasse Pyre K-group: Content Manager, Social Media: Jari Viljemaa Senior Content Manager: Sanni Jokinen Vice President: Paula Niemistö Communications Specialist: Helena Viinanen


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