VR Ride Around Scheveningen

Entry code: 1505002GD23
Agency: JetStyle, Kraków
Advertiser / client: Scheveningen VR Rollercoaster Ride
Competition: C. DIGITAL CRAFT, Use of AR / VR

Creative idea

Scheveningen, located in the Netherlands, is an incredible beach destination packed with a scenic promenade, a long sandy beach, pier, and many iconic sites. With the industry still recovering from the 2020 downfall, the local economy is longing for incoming tourist flow. Responding to this demand, the owners of the seaside pier launched a VR amusement ride, a 2-minute experience that covers a distance of 5 kilometers while showcasing all the town's notable sights. The ride's state-of-the-art technology features a visually thrilling performance, including a fantastic underwater world showcasing the beauty of the North Sea, the town's pearl.

Brand name: Scheveningen VR Rollercoaster Ride
Advertiser / client: Scheveningen VR Rollercoaster Ride
Product / service: VR Ride
Campaign name: VR Ride Around Scheveningen
Agency: JetStyle, Kraków
Art director: Ivan Knyazev
Designer: Konstantin Ostroukhov
Additional company: Elizaveta Antipinskaya, Project Manager Nikita Reshetnikov, Lead Developer Artem Arakelov, Developer Anna Cheremnykh, VFX Artist Anastasiya Vlasova, 3D Artist Ivan Ilyin, 3D Artist Danil Khramkov, 3D Designer


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