#StillSpeakingUp DeepTruth

Entry code: 24023GD21
Agency: Publicis Latvia
Advertiser / client: Propuesta Civica

Creative idea

The only journalist that can speak up without fear in Mexico is a dead one. Investigating corruption and drug trade cost 120+ journalists their lives since 2007. Javier Valdez, killed in 2017, was among the most iconic ones. 3 years later, artificial intelligence brings Javier back - live on national TV - to directly address Mexican president, demanding justice for himself and his colleagues, demanding free speech for everyone. The campaign is a part of the #StillSpeakingUp platform created to use the identities of murdered journalists to protect the safety of the ones at risk today.

Brand name: Propuesta Civica
Advertiser / client: Propuesta Civica
Product / service: Civil defense for journalists
Campaign name: #StillSpeakingUp DeepTruth
Agency network: PUBLICIS
Agency: Publicis Latvia
Additional company: Publicis Mexico
Production company: Catatonia
Web address:
Executive creative director: Diego Wallach, Andrey Tyukavkin
Creative director: Luis Sordo, Coco Ramírez, Ricardo Avilés
Designer: Edward Jimenez
Client account director: Ana Ramos
Media director: Carlos Ascencio, Starcom Mexico
Strategic planner / strategist: Omar Lázaro
Pr director: Heinie Mamyerstein, Tai La Bella Damski
Director: Karen Gómez
Post production: Andrey Tyukavkin


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