the 6500 stadium

Awards: Shortlist
Entry code: 2701018GD23
Agency: proof., Sofia
Advertiser / client: Amnesty International Bulgaria
Group: B. SOCIAL GOOD, Non-profit Social Good

Creative idea

6500 immigrant workers died to build FIFA infrastructure in Qatar on time for the 2022 championship. their legacy was being disassembled, their stories and names - obscured. the migrant workers who gave their lives for the World Cup are its unsung heroes., a monument stadium preserving the legacy of these migrant workers for eternity in digital. the 18th of December was the final of the world cup, as well as the International Day of Migrant Workers’ Rights. it’s also when the digital 6500 stadium opened its doors, housing 6500 seats, each dedicated to the story of a migrant worker.

Brand name: Amnesty International
Advertiser / client: Amnesty International Bulgaria
Product / service: a global movement of more than 10 million people who take injustice personally
Campaign name: the 6500 stadium
Agency: proof., Sofia
Web address:
Creative director: Angel Iskrev
Art director: Emanuela Belovarski
Copywriter: Boyan Zlatarski
Designer: Vess Blackstone
Account director (agency): Juliana Tsvetkova
Strategic planner / strategist: Rostyslav Volkov
Additional company: graphic designer: Andriana Petkova 3D artist: Chris Metodiev dev: Radoslav Mazganov pr partner: d:istinkt


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