GTA Driving School

Entry code: 28003GD23
Agency: Istropolitana Ogilvy, Bratislava
Advertiser / client: Slovak Police Force
Group: C. GAME CHANGER (open worldwide)

Creative idea

What happens when Police Force hijacks the legendary video game to educate young drivers? Number of accidents caused by young people in Slovakia hit 20% of total car accidents in the country. To improve these statistics, Slovak Traffic Police President teamed up with the most famous Slovak YouTuber to change the legendary violent video game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) to driving education tool. With over 600,000 minutes of organic watch time, the campaign became the most successful Slovak Police campaign for young drivers ever. And Police succeeded in approaching the target group in their natural environment.

Brand name: Slovak Police Force
Advertiser / client: Slovak Police Force
Product / service: Education
Campaign name: GTA Driving School
Agency network: OGILVY
Agency: Istropolitana Ogilvy, Bratislava
Creative director: Peter Darovec, Jakub Svetlík, Roman Hríbik
Art director: Jakub Svetlík
Copywriter: Roman Hríbik, Hugo Paulíny
Account director (agency): Martin Toman
Strategic planner / strategist: Veronika Romsauerová
Senior planner: Juraj Plánovský
Additional company: Zuzana Frtúsová (Social Media Director), Linda Oršulová (Senior Social Media/Ideamaker), Slavo Danko (Newbiz Director)


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