Ungenerated Slovenia

Entry code: YDC034GD23
Agency: Golin Romania , Circles Colab (Bucharest)
Group: YDC

Creative idea

'Ungenerated Slovenia' showcases the extraordinary landmarks and contrasts of Slovenia. Despite the wonders of AI, these landmarks are unparalleled and almost absurd in their beauty. The series invites viewers to explore a world where reality surpasses the imaginative prowess of AI. These posters celebrate Slovenia's awe-inspiring and unique landmarks and traditions, which defy all notions of the ordinary and push the boundaries of reality. In a world full of AI-generated illusions, 'Ungenerated Slovenia' stands as a testament to the genuine wonder of nature's canvas, inviting us to embrace the sheer wonder of reality and witness how Slovenia's incomparable landmarks surpass even the wildest AI-generated dreams.

Agency: Golin Romania , Circles Colab (Bucharest)
Authors: Andrei Popa, Teodora Bonea


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