Slovenian Rizz

Entry code: YDC037GD23
Agency: Ancymony, Kraków, Poland
Group: YDC

Creative idea

Through the date theme, we decided to show different ways of having a good time in Slovenia. We wanted Slovenia to tempt the viewer in a flirtatious yet tasteful manner to explore the various experiences this culturally rich land has to offer. In order to add a human element, but not stray from art and culture, we cast the woman from Ivana Kobilca’s painting Kofetarica as a flirty lady inviting the tourists for a good time in Slovenia, looking directly at them with a confident and welcoming smile. Believe us, she has some smooth moves and energy for centuries! It starts with a cup of coffee, then one thing leads to another… and you’re hopelessly in love! With our two posters, we show different sides of Slovenian culture – well-established, high culture represented by the National Gallery of Slovenia, as well as the alternative and modern one represented by AKC Metelkova mesto. This way, we not only present the general idea but also give the tourists specific examples of what Slovenia has to offer. On top of that, we decided to use the untranslated names of the places to bring Slovenian culture even closer to the viewers through the language. With the series of posters, we are also showing our idea as a platform that can encompass all aspects and forms of Slovenian culture, which is allowed by the modular form of the design. Photographs in the background can be changed to advertise any place, event or activity. As for the copy, it has been divided into two sections. The top one is an intriguing line aimed at grabbing the viewer’s attention while the one below presents a creative invitation to a date, referencing the particular place or activity. Visually we decided to bring together the I love Slovenia branding and current design trends. This resulted in using the green background from the logo for text while introducing colour filters, raster graphics, and layering to achieve an “out of the box” effect. We think the warm humour of this idea will turn some heads and spark excitement in many. At the same time, it can conveniently serve as a long-time catch-all promotional theme throughout multiple channels and bring the Slovenian culture closer to potential tourists right from the start. For all we know, this could be love at first sight.

Agency: Ancymony, Kraków, Poland
Authors: Roksana Wantulok, Antoni Kuźmiński


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