A Case of Falling in Love

Entry code: YDC039GD23
Agency: Students
Group: YDC

Creative idea

Context Every love story has a beginning, and if we’re lucky, it also has no end. But for this brief, we only wanted to focus on the very beginning. The one not even you can consciously remember. The one your body stores and caries and even relives at times. Concept We wanted to focus on the physical sensations of love at first sight. American studies show that over 60% of people believe they have felt love at first sight at least once in their life. For us, that once was all we needed. Why? Because too many are strangers to Slovenia's hidden beauty, transcending its mountains, and rivers. Discover the streets crafted by Plečnik, feel Metelkova's walls, revel in Gallus Hall's classical notes, or watch the sun's descent on Cobblers Bridge, serenaded by jazz. As tourists have stated online in many forms and many forums, Slovenia is an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. A hidden gem that once you discover, you’ll make sure to never forget. So, we realized then that falling in love with Slovenia's rich culture is as simple as seeing it for the first time. Idea For the poster series, we wanted to create a fun and unexpected association between seeing local cultural attractions and experiencing symptoms of love at first sight. The visual aims to evoke the same feelings and sensations that take over your body when you’re struck by love - dizziness, agitation, overstimulation, excitement, followed by an acute desire to know all about them. By showcasing a wide variety of contrasting masterpieces and cultural experiences, we aim to enrich foreigners’ idea of Slovenia and ultimately spark their interest to see them in person. Manifesto We’ve all been here. Struck by the moment. Stopped in our tracks. Blissfully unaware, seconds before collision. You were carrying on with your day just like you always used to. Reminiscing on the morning call with your best friend. Thinking about the grocery list. Following a train of thoughts, continuously spiralling into one another. And then, you looked up and your eyes met. A split second, that’s all it took. And although you’ve never seen each other before, it sure felt like you did. Like your lives have always been intertwined in some inexplicable ways. And all your loud, crazy thoughts suddenly went quiet. Your palms got sweaty instead. Your knees, soft and weak in ways you didn’t know they could be. You’re out of breath and your heart is beating out of your chest. The room is slowly spinning, but just slightly, at the edges. You didn’t know then, but you know now. You were experiencing the symptoms of falling in love at first sight.

Agency: Students
Authors: Dobre Cătălina-Elena, Savu Medeea Cristina


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