Diverse beauties of Slovenia

Awards: Shortlist
Entry code: YDC046GD23
Agency: DDB Budapest, and freelancer
Group: YDC

Creative idea

Dating in 2023 is perhaps more challenging than ever before. Just as a comment can arise during a date, saying that we looked better in pictures, many are surprised by how small the Mona Lisa is in person. Those often unrealistic measures society and social media puts upon us can create biased toxic expectations. However, real life is different: we don’t necessarily fall for the picture-perfect partner but more for the one who matches our vibe. The same goes to art, and since Slovenia has such a diverse display of artifacts, we thrive to display the often extreme ends of this scale to ensure people: they will find they match here.

Agency: DDB Budapest, and freelancer
Authors: Lelle Buzás, Bálint Kovács


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