Andrea Henao

Managing Director, 360 Agency Berlin and 360 Agency Europe, Germany

Andrea is leading the first ever sustainable advertising agency in the world, promoting exclusively sustainable brands across the globe. She is one of the revolutionary thinkers deciding that 360 Agency Berlin would promote exclusively sustainable brands and take full responsibility of the brands and products they promote.

Andrea has been working for 15 years in Global advertising, starting on the creative side at BETC in 2003 in Paris and then working on the media planning and strategy side for Philips and Nokia at Carat in London, managing LG global account for Mindshare and then the Heinekein global account at Starcom from Amsterdam, she was then assigned as global associate Director of the Volkswagen global account at Mediacom between Berlin and Wolfsburg, before to settle and fund 360 Agency Berlin.

Originally from Paris, France after having worked in most renowned agencies and cities across Europe she speaks now fluent French, German, English and Spanish which enables a precise understanding of the various cultures when covering international implementation.

She is also a confirmed speaker for conferences with Arte magazine or asking to talk about more generic topic such as 'The future of Water' invited to the Berlin science week, she enjoys passing by her vision and passion. She believes that by consuming and advertising responsibly we can change the lives of thousands, perceiving these new ways and processes of advertising not just as a trend but as part of a structural change that the entire society is awaiting to see.

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