Andrej Krajner

Communications Director, NLB Group, Slovenia

Andrej Krajner has 20 years of experience in the field of communications and marketing. While completing his master's studies, he joined the Pristop Group. As a corporate communications consultant, he worked on media relations, reputation building, corporate communications, and brand strategy for numerous domestic and international clients. After seven years in the agency, he continued his work at the telecommunications company Si.mobil (now A1 Slovenia), a member of the A1 Telekom Austria Group. Initially, he led corporate communications and later became the Director of Communications, responsible for corporate communications and marketing. Following an extensive regional reorganization of the Telekom Austria Group, in 2015, he also became the Director of Communications in another company within the group – Vip mobile Serbia. In 2016, he joined the NLB Group, the largest financial group with headquarters and exclusive strategic interests in Southeast Europe. Initially leading Corporate Communications, he later assumed responsibility for marketing, digital and market communications, strategic brand management, and corporate social responsibility in six markets where the NLB Group operates.

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