Daria Ovechkina

Copywriter, Voskhod, Russia

Daria and Anton have been working in advertising for 5 years. Since that time they became the most awarded copywriters’ tandem in Russia. They work in an independent agency Voskhod, the number one creative agency in the country for the last 6 years (except for the goddamned 2015). And no, they don’t work neither in Moscow, nor in Saint-Petersburg. No. They are from a compact city in the middle of Russia – Ekaterinburg.

Despite of (or maybe due to) snow, bears, babushkas, gopniks, -40 °C and balalaikas they have won more than 100 awards at major festivals. Among them, hold my vodka, are: Cannes Lions, D&AD, Eurobest, CLIO, Golden Drum, Epica, Golden Hammer, Piaf, Direct Hit, Globes Awards, KIAF, Red Apple, ADC*E, ADCR Awards.

“Daria” means strong, powerful and winning (from Greek / Persian “Darian”).

“Anton” means fighting, competing and winning (from Greek “Anthony”).


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