Dejan Roljič

CEO and Founder

Dejan Roljič has always been closely connected with startups and innovation. Eligma, a Slovenian company specializing in smart commerce solutions, is the realization of his decade-long dream to make buying and selling more efficient.

While building a united controlling network of more than 250 companies in China through the Crowdering project, Roljič began to be intrigued by the challenge of simplifying the international commerce process, consisting of many intermediaries. After returning to Europe, he started investing in innovative companies and found that there was very little training available in the startup area. He founded a series of ABC Accelerators, the first one in Slovenia in 2015, then in Germany and the Silicon Valley in 2016. ABC Accelerator received the Central European Startup Award in 2017. It has accelerated more than 80 startups and raised more than 50 million USD.

Eligma is Roljič’s biggest startup feat so far. It aims to use technologies like AI and blockchain to change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items. Supported by a number of eminent advisors worldwide, the project managed to raise over 10 million USD in its April crowdsale. In this, Roljič won the best pitch prize at Crypto Summit 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland. Recently, he has also become an industry advisor and thought leader at Cryptoniteventures, a community of world-leading blockchain developers and industrials.

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