Iza Sia Login

Tech Entrepreneur, Conscious Businesswoman, Influential Thought Leader, Philanthropist, Slovenia

Iza Sia Login is a Slovenian tech entrepreneur, a conscious businesswoman, an influential thought leader, and a philanthropist. 

Iza Sia is most known for co-founding a tech unicorn Outfit7 and its globally recognized franchise Talking Tom. She served as deputy CEO inside the Europe-based mobile gaming startup from 0 to 5 billion app downloads and sold the company in 2017 for 1 billion USD to a Chinese consortium of investors. 

After becoming the wealthiest family in Slovenia with the sale of Outfit7, Iza Sia and her family founded Login5 Foundation with the purpose of pure air, pure water and pure consciousness. The family signed the Giving Pledge and initiated philanthropic companies that cover humanity's severest challenges: sustainable farming (LoginEKO), neurological popularisation of plant-based food, equal opportunity for prosperity to all (Unicorn Drive Akademia).

Iza Sia currently serves as culture designer for Login5 Foundation's ventures and functions as CEO of the globally disruptive Unicorn Drive Akademia that raises entrepreneurs into unicorn leaders by lifting their business, selfness and consciousness.

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