Juš Milčinski

Creative Accelerator Host, Improviser, TV and Theatre Actor, TV Host, Theatre Coach, Director, Producer, and Screenwriter, Slovenia

Juš is an improviser, a TV and theatre actor, a TV host, a theatre coach, director and producer, and a screenwriter. He is the cofounder of the Improvisational Theatre of Ljubljana - IGLU, a theatre troupe that has won numerous improvisational awards in Slovenia and travelled to perform in Austria, Germany, Croatia, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Czechia, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Colombia, USA and Canada. Juš is the host of "Male sive celice", the most popular TV quiz for children in Slovenia and a part of the actors' ensemble of the highly watched TV show for youth "Osvežilna fronta". He often hosts and performs at events for Slovenia's premier companies and conferences, hopefully drawing smiles on the faces of the attendees (not literally drawing smiles ... just making them laugh).

At this year's Golden Drum Juš will host the Creative Accelerator Day intended for young creatives.

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