Klemen Slakonja

Actor, Television Anchor, Impersonator, Singer, Golden Drum Daily and Awards Show Host, Slovenia

He studied acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television Ljubljana. He was a member of the prestigious Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana ensemble for nine years.

Slakonja is known in Slovenia for his comedy sketches, often made in the form of music videos and for anchoring various TV shows.

He has made over 100 impersonations of famous people - Slovene philosopher Slavoj Žižek, Pope Francis, Vladimir Putin, Donald & Melania Trump, Angela Merkel, and many others. 

His comedy music video "Putin, Putout," which parodies Russian president Vladimir Putin, gained international popularity in 2016. It was the first video of his #TheMockingbirdMan project, 
continued with the video entitled "Golden Dump (The Trump Hump)" in which he impersonated Donald Trump, and followed by "Ruf mich An(gela)" video, in which he transformed into Angela Merkel. 

All of his videos are available on his personal YouTube channel.

Photo by Saša Hess.


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