Sari Heinilä

Chief Executive Officer, McCann Helsinki, Finland

Sari is the Chief Executive Officer of McCann Helsinki since January 2017, after having been in the industry for 15+ years. Before joining McCann, she was in the management of hasan & partners and TBWA Helsinki.

Her career has evolved from CRM to brand strategies and, from marketing innovations to brand initiatives – all adding up to giving brands a meaningful role in people’s lives. Along with making brands walk the talk, she’s keen on transforming organizations into innovation hubs where everything is possible. Innovating is not rocket science – it’s re-thinking the way things are done and becoming smarter as we go. Common sense and simplicity over complexity.

Sari genuinely loves her people and works hard to make everything click in the organization. Along with that, she’s a devoted soccer, ice hockey and floorball mom who surprised even herself on how much joy one can get out of kids’ team sports. And after all, it’s quite alike whether you want to take care of a kids’ team or of a bunch of grown-ups at work. Just make sure that they have your support and that they can really just concentrate on what they do best – and have fun while doing that.


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