Sietze Rademaker

Director Sonic Branding and New Business, Amp.Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As a huge music lover and vinyl collector, Sietze dived into the music industry straight after law school.

He started working at MassiveMusic as their publisher, while DJ’ing the hottest dance-floor gems by night. Driven by his ever-growing curiosity, he was part of a team of three people starting the Spotify Benelux office back in 2010 and via jobs at Vice as Business Director and Epidemic Sound as MD for Benelux and France, he landed a job at Sonic Branding Company Amp.Amsterdam as their Director Sonic Branding, always keeping a focus on the future of media and music.

He strongly believes that over the next few years, in an ever-growing world of audio, brands will focus significantly more on (how they) sound. From sound logo to brand voice and everything in between will get a lot more attention in the years to come.

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