Sophie Hochstraate

Head of Global Client Development, Mediaplus Group, Germany

Sophie was born in Salzburg, Austria, but her academic journey took her to Munich, London, and Paris. She has since returned to Munich.

Sophie's association with Mediaplus International commenced during its early stages when the team consisted of just three individuals. Over time, she witnessed the remarkable evolution of the team, which has expanded to encompass more than 130 professionals representing more than 20 different nationalities. The international community that was built over the years now consists of more than 2,500 people, across 25 markets and three continents.

This experience has been nothing short of inspiring as the company transformed from a startup, with the backing of a giant, Serviceplan Group, into a globally recognized international agency that stands as a formidable contender in the industry landscape.

Sophie firmly believes that the sustainable success of any enterprise hinges on placing the human being at the heart of strategic thinking. It is imperative to delve beyond the exterior 'façade' of a customer/client and truly understand the essence of the individual within.

Not only in her professional life she remains committed to fostering genuine connections and prioritizing the human element in every facet of life.

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