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Invitation to our traditional competition for the best and most creative poster, this year focused on strengthening the brand:


The medieval town of Piran, throughout centuries influenced by the vicinity of mighty Venice, is certainly among the most beautiful, best preserved and most genuine old Mediterranean towns. Its historical flair is complemented by a variety of cultural landmarks, many closely intertwined with the long tradition of salt making. Piran isn’t cherished just for its charming sights, scenic beauty and curious history, but also for the extraordinary cultural richness of the medieval city core huddled along the narrow peninsula.

This unique tiny gem is a proper open-air museum offering culture on every step. It’s a town of theatre, exhibitions, concerts, galleries and events, inviting to a serene pause among its timeless narrow alleys. The deeply entrenched tradition of salt making – Piran, as the ancient saying goes, was built on salt – on each step mingles with the charmingly picturesque views of the Slovenian Mediterranean.

The town was marked profoundly by Giuseppe Tartini, violin virtuoso, composer, thinker and music teacher born in 1692. The great artist gives name to Piran’s central square, next to his house of birth which is among the oldest in town. The memorial room of the Tartini House exhibits his personal belongings, manuscripts, scientific works, death mask and other portrayals. The collection’s most precious item is Tartini’s violin, made by friar Nicolò Amati of Bologna between 1715 and 1725.

Giuseppe Tartini ranks among the greatest violin masters of his era. His best known piece, the Devil’s Trill Sonata, is one of Europe’s most difficult and highly admired violin compositions. Legend has it that the devil himself appeared in his dream, playing the violin thus. Stirring from sleep, the composer quickly put down the melody.

Tartini also has a theatre named after him, home to many events and performances of various artistic genres. All year round, Piran is the setting of spirited cultural happening, hand in hand with the tourist offer of the town. In Tartini’s honour, the international summer festival of chamber music, the Tartini Festival, takes place each year in the warmer months, presenting in addition to his masterpieces also the music of other historical greats and contemporary artists inspired by Tartini’s creations.

Read more about Piran and Tartini:

Giuseppe Tartini


Your objective is the creative conception and visual design of a poster with a motive (key visual) and a slogan themed to strengthen the visibility of Piran as Tartini’s town.

The motive and slogan should be created in a way that can be applied across all the communication channels (digital media, print …).



  1. Slovenian visitors and locals – culture lovers in the broadest sense, fans of classical music and Tartini’s legacy who might also become ambassadors of Tartini as a brand or tourist product;
  2. International tourists – lovers of culture in the broadest sense, fans of classical music;
  3. International media.



  • Piran is like an open-air museum; a protected cultural monument. It is a town of theatre, exhibitions, concerts, galleries and events.
  • The town has a particular charm due to its many cultural-historical and sacral objects, palaces, lively squares, museums, galleries, ancient walls and the unmistakeable Mediterranean atmosphere.
  • Piran was profoundly marked by Giuseppe Tartini, composer, violinist and music teacher. The central square, house of birth, town theatre and chamber music festival presenting his unique opus are all named after him.
  • In Piran you can relive a meeting with Giuseppe Tartini, the town’s famous son, whose statue in the central square beckons at guests from all over the world.
  • All year round, Piran is the setting of a rich diversity of cultural events complementing the tourist offer of the town.
  • Piran is one of most genuine old Mediterranean towns, offering unforgettable experiences and countless stories to its visitors.



Communication activities will run internationally, as well as in Slovenia.

Client: Municipality of Piran / Portorož Tourist Board



The author of the best poster will receive 3.000 EUR* from the City of Piran and one full registration for the Golden Drum Festival 2019.

The authors of the second and third ranked posters will each receive one full registration for the Golden Drum Festival 2019.

These awards will be presented on the stage at the Golden Drum Award Ceremony on 19 October 2018. All entered posters will be exhibited from 17 to 19 October 2018 during the 25th Golden Drum Festival.

*The award amount (3.000 EUR) is a gross value. The award is subject to taxation as per the Slovenian legislation, so the respective personal income tax will be deducted. The award amount remains the same even if the winning creative solution (poster) has several authors.


Josefine Richards, Creative Director, INGO Stockholm, Sweden – President

Mitja Bokun, Illustrator and Creative Director, Slovenia

Zofia Bugajna-Kasdepke, Business Development Director, MSLGROUP Central and Eastern Europe, Poland

Johannes Newrkla, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Merlicek & Grossebner and CEO, Bluetango, Austria

Mag. Igor Novel, Director, Tourist Board Portorož, Slovenia


Before you start, read the complete starting points.

You can use the photo materials from the Municipality of Piran gallery, your own photos, illustrations or fictional images. The application of advertiser’s logotypes (Municipality of Piran and Portorož Tourist Board) is compulsory.


Municipality of Piran gallery: PART 1, PART 2, PART3

For downloading advertiser’s logotypes click here.


Entry submission opens: 30 May 2018

Entry deadline: 10 September 2018    21 September

Special condition: entrants must be under 30 years of age (born after 19 October 1988). You need to attach proof of your date of birth to the registration form.

All entries must be submitted in English, as they will be judged by international jury.



All entries can be registered through our online registration system.

Entry fee (per creative concept): 25 EUR + VAT

One creative concept may include a series of posters with the same concept/idea (upload the images of all parts of the series in your registration form). Each new creative concept should be registered and paid for separately.



Entries must be uploaded through our online registration system.

In any case, please make sure to follow technical instructions for submitting your entries as carefully as possible.



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Colour spaceRGB
DPI300 dpi
Sizethe longest side must be at least 420 mm
File sizeup to 6 MB

All entries, submitted to the Golden Drum Young Drummers Competition, will be shown for the judging, published in a showcase of entries on and exhibited during the Festival. Shortlist will be published online and labelled on the exhibition at the Golden Drum festival. Entries will be screened at the award ceremony, should your entry be awarded.

Prior to registration, familiarise yourself with rules and legal conditions that apply to the competition. By submitting your registration form, you agree with rules of participation.


  • Only Young Drummers under 30 years old (born after 19 October 1988) and from the following countries – Albania, Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and United Kingdom – are eligible to compete.
  • Each creative solution constitutes of one entry.
  • None of the entries submitted in the competition can be returned.
  • No legal action can be taken against the Jury.
  • Participation fee and accommodation costs given as the award cannot be given in cash.
  • The author declares with signature, that entry has never been published and that author is the owner of copyright. Quality and ownership of entry copyrights are solely the responsibility of the entrants. Entrants release the Festival’s Organiser of any responsibilities towards any and all third parties.
  • The Municipality of Piran shall acquire a non-exclusive copyright for the use of the three-awarded posters that were created for Young Drummers Competition. Posters will be used strictly for the self-promotional purposes of the Municipality of Piran. Copyrights are valid without geographical limitations, for the entire time of copyright, and include the right of adaptations.
  • Author agrees that entries sent will be published on, used for press releases and exhibited at the entry exhibition, if short-listed.
  • The entrant authorizes the Festival’s Organizer to screen or publish his or her ads without charge for the purpose of promoting the Festival. Above stated authorization is given for the time period from 15 September 2018 to 15 September 2028 and could be used world-wide for the sole purpose of the presentation of the Golden Drum festival.
  • The entry conditions must be strictly observed by the entrant. Completion and submission of the entry form imply entrant’s full acceptance of the competition rules. Non-compliance with any of the entry rules results in an entry’s automatic disqualification.
  • The author(s) of the best poster(s) must provide the appropriate open files of the winning creative concept prior to receiving the award.


See also the Judging rules & regulations.

For more information send email to: [email protected].