Marius Tianu

Regional Creative Director, Dentsu Creative, Romania

Marius is Regional Creative Director at Dentsu Creative. He’s a philosopher turned political consultant turned copywriter turned creative director turned jury member. As he moved from one profession to the next, he kept some of his initial habits. Like asking questions. So, he’s now obsessing over a new one: What’s Next? Which is proving useful as the world moves faster and faster and everybody wants to stay ahead of the curve - or at least peep beyond it.  

»I’m a big believer in having fun. Jolly is a state of mind we should all exercise more often. And, for that, we all have the 3 Ps of life (prosecco, pizza & pasta), our brilliant colleagues and the possibility to snatch some industry awards along the way. Like Golden Drum, Cannes Lions, NY Fest, Eurobest, LIA or Webby.«

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