Eyal Guy

Chief Creative Officer and Partner, DIBOOR, Israel

Eyal Guy is the Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Tel Aviv based advertising agency DIBOOR, which specializes in creating reality-changing content and digital campaigns.

Eyal specializes in creating digital moves that generate discourse on the web and in the media. He started his career as a copywriter in the big and traditional advertising agencies, but very quickly became independent after realizing that in today's era one person can have several roles and keep its authenticity intact as a director, a producer and a creative director.

Eyal eventually joined DIBOOR as a partner and Chief Creative Officer and has since then signed major campaigns,  which were successful in Israel and internationally. It also led to Diboor winning the 2022 Golden Drum Award, as the digital advertising agency of the year. A year ago, he founded TOKS, an agency dedicated to advertising and marketing on Tiktok, as well as marketing content through influencers.

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