Žarko Sakan

CEO, New Moment New Ideas Company, Honorary Golden Drum Ambassador

How do you feel about Golden Drum Festival? What do you especially like about the brand, event and the general atmosphere in Portorož?

I am not objective when it comes to the festival. I feel like a part of Golden Drum family. I remember many good and bad moments, hard work, passion, fun, wining, losing, golden dust on stage…
I respect the festival for its tradition, relevance and objectivity.

What are the 3 things you would wish to see or experience at the Golden Drum Festival in 3-5 years from today?


What are 3 things you wish to see happen in the creative advertising industry in 3, 5 or 10 years from today?

I would like to see creativity valued most and happy clients that understand the importance of new thinking.

How do you see New Europe as a creative community? What would you wish to keep and what to change?

New Europe can offer fresh and daring ideas to the global creative market. More and more global creative awards coming from this region try to prove this. The creative potential is definitely there and I believe there should be more cooperation between countries. In New Moment we work with ideas that are around us. We use Balkan spirit, emotion and humanity unique to the place we work and live in.

On a more personal note: Who were/are your idols? Who did/do you want to learn from? Did you have any mentors, teachers on the job that you would like to point out (and also thank)?

My idols are Michael Jordan, Walt Disney and Dragan Sakan. Of course I learned the most from Saki.

Childhood dreams? What did you want to be, to achieve before you’ve decided on your career? Did you ever get to realise your dreams? How come?

I started adverting at a very early age, probably few months before I was born. I was dreaming about making commercials. Now I create events, content, viral videos and applications that people talk about. I am a big believer in dreams, being focused on a specific dream and working hard on achieving it. Having fun along the way is obligatory.