A change leading to better results is a great thing. The only problem is, that the word “CHANGE” is overused. Every day, we are addressed by changes to do something. Changing yourself to a better person, keeping pace with new changes in whatever industry, or saving the world in the climate change era. A positive approach is losing its power. So, it is time to try it from the other side. And look, it can work.

The solution is: just f**k it. F**k everything you don't like. Traffic jams, your boss, weather or the neighbour's dog's excrement on the pavement in front of your house. It sounds like populistic solution. But let me give you a couple of examples of how it works.

Let's take, for example, the process of generating ideas. If you kill the bad stuff, you find much more space for good stuff. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time reviving dull ideas. And how many times was I working on concepts just because we promised to bring the client 3 new ideas? Life is too fast these days. We don't have time to sit down with a cup of tea and talk about the average ideas. It hurts, it is brutal. But let's f**k everything where you have doubts and focus on the best you have in front of you.

Try to focus on things you really don't like and get rid of it in an original way. This can lead to famous creative solutions. Look at Greta Thunberg. She definitely f**ks things she doesn't like. Some time ago, someone called her and he was like: “Hey Greta, do you want to have a speech in New York?” And Greta was like: “Yeah, I'd like to come, but it's too far away.” And Someone was like: “That's no problem. Just take a plane.” And Greta was like: “But I hate planes.” And because she refused this option, a great idea was born. Whole world watched her sailing. This can be one of the options of how you can think about briefs on your table. Finding enemies of your brand and deal with them in the most stunning way.

See, it is easy. So, grab a pen, put 5 things you don't like on paper and get them out of your life in the best way you can. That's how you change for the better. Just f**k it.


David Suda, Creative Director, WMC/GREY Prague, Czech Republic