[AWARD CEREMONY] Golden Drum Grand Award Ceremony

18.10.2019 20:30 - Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

The highlight of the 26th Golden Drum Competition! Who will step on the Grand Stage and raise their hard-earned Golden Drum Award high in the air? Join us for this special gala event where we will honour great creativity. Section WHAT and Section WHY Jury Presidents will announce the winners.

We will also honour the Grand Awards of the Golden Drum 2019 Competition: Golden Rose Award, Golden Dragon Award, Golden Net Award, Brand Grand Prix Award, The Best of WHAT, The Best of WHY, The Best of Good Award, The best of Genius Loci, Grand Prixes and Golden Drums; and also the special awards: Golden Watch Award, Golden Drum Adriatic Award and Young Drummers Competition Awards. Furthermore, we will welcome the new member of the Golden Drum Hall of Fame.