Artificial expectations

Entry code: 0903006GD23
Agency: hasan & partners, Helsinki
Advertiser / client: A-Lehdet Oy
Group: C. ENGAGEMENT, Creative use of Technology

Creative idea

To launch, a new media for women-minded, we conducted a study into the present and future perception of the female image in Finland. We found that the picture of a woman is too narrow for most women to fit in, creating unnecessary pressure and insecurities within them. Only 29% of women identify with the general image of a woman. The demands on a woman are so unrealistic, that they can only be achieved artificially. In the ads, artificial intelligence DALL-E reshapes women into the society’s perception of a woman, using the findings from the study.

Brand name:
Advertiser / client: A-Lehdet Oy
Product / service:
Campaign name: launch
Agency: hasan & partners, Helsinki
Production company: hasan & partners
Web address:
Executive creative director: Tobias Wacker
Creative director: Laura Tohtua, Ossi Honkanen
Art director: Ayan Aden, Pauline Korp
Copywriter: Ayan Aden, Pauline Korp, Nina Perälä
Designer: Pauline Korp, Ayan Aden, Ulla Timonen
Account director (agency): Ida Nuortie, Nina Perälä
Client account director: Terhi Hauskamaa
Managing director: Riku Vassinen
Strategic planner / strategist: Nina Perälä
Senior planner: Hanna Dietrich
Photographer: Aleksi Koskinen
Illustrator: Dall-E
Film production: hasan & partners
Director: Aleksi Koskinen
Director of photography: Aleksi Koskinen
Agency producer: Christopher Keravuori
Additional company: Sanna Kolamo, Strategy Director, A-Lehdet Mari Paalosalo-Jussinmäki, Editor-in-Chief,


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