I am a donor, too. Because I support Serbia.

Entry code: E38007GD19Agency: HEMOFARM Foundation, BelgradeAdvertiser / client: HEMOFARM Foundation
Group: E Digital & mobile, E38 Social networking solutions & community sites

Creative idea

With only three donors per million population, Serbia is last in comparison to the countries of the region and Europe. The citizens of other countries have much more chances for vital organ transplantation. The campaign, realized in partnership with Serbian Ministry of Health, focuses on increasing the number of organ donors in Serbia, with an aim of saving the lives of people who have been waiting on transplantation for a number of years. The idea is to stir up the famous Serbian spite and raise the team spirit of the population while appealing to national unity on this sensitive topic.

  • Brand name: I am a donor, too. Because I support Serbia.
  • Advertiser / client: HEMOFARM Foundation
  • Product / service: Social awareness campaign
  • Campaign name: I am a donor, too. Because I support Serbia.
  • Agency network: INDEPENDENT AGENCY
  • Agency: HEMOFARM Foundation, Belgrade
  • Additional company: HOMINID Advertising
  • Production company: HOMINID Advertising
  • Web address: http://ijasamdonor.rs/
  • Executive creative director: Pavle Farčić
  • Creative director: Vukša Veličković
  • Art director: Ivana Zotović
  • Copywriter: Tijana Katona
  • Designer: Ivana Zotović
  • Account director (agency): Pavle Farčić
  • Client account director: Marko Grubač
  • Media director: Represent Communications, Brendon
  • Managing director: Suzana Đorđević
  • Strategic planner / strategist: HEMOFARM Foundation
  • Pr director: Represent Communications, Brendon
  • Photographer: Vladimir Miladinović Piki
  • Illustrator: Ivana Zotović
  • Film production: HOMINID Advertising, Brain WM
  • Director: Ognjen Janković
  • Director of photography: Vladimir Miladinović Piki & Marko Gligorijević
  • Music: Nemanja Mosurović
  • Screenwriter: Tijana Katona
  • Agency producer: Marko Grubač
  • Post production: Brain WM, HOMINID Advertising
  • Post production producer: Marko Grubač
  • Digital production: Hominid Advertising
  • Digital strategist: Vukša Veličković
  • Digital creative: Vukša Veličković