I (dis)own my child

Entry code: Y031GD19Agency: McCann Beograd, Belgrade Advertiser / client: ‘Da se zna’ LGBT+NGO
Group: Y Genius Loci / Local spirit

Campaign idea

In Serbia, LGBT+ members are often publicly shamed by friends, relatives and even their parents. To formalize the rejection, parents used to publish ‘I disown my child’ classified ads in papers. This practice is still happening in some parts of the country. We hijacked this tiny media format and used it as a tool to change the conversation. We published a series of real ‘I (dis)own my child’ classified ads in all national and local newspapers, written by parents who support their LGBT children. I (dis)own became a moto of the community and the theme of Belgrade Pride 2019.

  • Brand name: ‘Da se zna’ LGBT+NGO
  • Advertiser / client: ‘Da se zna’ LGBT+NGO
  • Product / service: ‘Da se zna’ LGBT+NGO
  • Campaign name: I (dis)own my child
  • Agency network: MCCANN WORLDGROUP
  • Agency: McCann Beograd, Belgrade
  • Additional company: UM Beograd
  • Executive creative director: Jana Savić Rastovac
  • Art director: Lidija Milovanović, Sandra Milojević
  • Copywriter: Jovana Milošević
  • Account director (agency): Andrea Mitić, Emina Azizi, Tamara Vukadin
  • Managing director: Jelena Jazić
  • Strategic planner / strategist: Aleksandar Milojević
  • Pr director: Marija Vićić
  • Digital creative: Luka Ličina, Stefan Nikolić
  • Additional company: Nikola Nikolić, Biljana Kolaković, Ana Kovačević, Dubravka Perišić, Catalin Dobre, Djordje Marković