Children are our role models


We invited Michael Moynihan, Senior Vice President of Global Brand, Marketing, Insights, and Partnerships at The LEGO Group, to talk about a topic he has become obsessed with - a crisis in creativity.

‘‘What we tried to think about at the LEGO Group is not only how we can address the creativity crisis in terms of the products we have to serve children, but how can we as adults improve our creativity and dial up the level of innovation within the world of marketing, advertising and branding,’’ said Michael.

Part of their fundamental beliefs is that children are their role models. They believe good play experiences can serve as a source of inspiration that is why they identified 5 characteristics of playful experiences - Joyful, Actively engaging, Iterative, Meaningful, and Socially interactive - and implemented them into their work environment.

He wrapped by saying: ‘’Creativity is not just for the creatives in the ad agency. I think there's a gross underestimation of the creative capacities that we all have.’’

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