How to make all those stubborn souls open up their hearts?


Michał Marczak, Sundance Film Festival awarded Director and Igor Pajak, Talent Manager from Match&Spark (Poland) will take us on a journey through the production and direction of films, music videos, and commercials. They shared with us their views on change, both in general and inside the advertising industry.

Humans don't really like change,” observes Michał, “they need to be pushed into a corner and only then will they slowly start to change.” He believes change is more important now than ever and yet people are resisting it, becoming more stubborn. He sees this as our biggest challenge “How to make all those stubborn souls open up their hearts?” Igor further underlines the importance of change, seeing it as the way to reach your goals. To him, change means “a constant drive to develop and find new and fresh projects.” Their views on changes in the advertising industry differ greatly, while Michał is nostalgic for the past, seeing it as more story centred, Igor is more optimistic about the future: “Nowadays very cinematic and organic campaigns are created, even with low budgets.” He believes that observing global changes in advertising and adapting them to local markets can lead to unforgettable creations.


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