Meet the Young Drummers Competition Jury!


Young Drummers Competition is back! This year, together with Slovenian Tourist Board, we invite all creatives under 30 worldwide to answer the brief "You can’t spell Slovenia without love and that is why you must love it” and create a poster or a poster series.


Evaluating the young talents’ creative solutions will be:

  • Özge Güven, Design Director, TBWA\Istanbul, Turkey – Jury President
  • Csaba Gosztonyi, Head of MOME Open, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Hungary
  • Aleksandra Lipej, Global Communications Manager, Slovenian Tourist Board, Slovenia
  • Teodor Nisbel Fjäll, Art Director, Uncommon Creative Studio, Sweden
  • Tina Sračnjek, Project Manager, Digital Content Marketing, Slovenian Tourist Board, Slovenia


“The creative sector should always be fresh and up to date. The most important vein that feeds the sector in this sense is the new generation. Young Drummers is a very important step in this sense, where the new generation that will nourish, grow, inspire today and keep the industry of the future alive will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the creators who will both educate them and work with them as colleagues. It raises the bar and sets a new bar.

It is a great chance for contemporary creators from different countries and cultures to come together and have the opportunity to test themselves in a common pool. The degree they will receive in this competition will be a globally important document. I can't wait to see what kind of minds will produce work in the near future and to evaluate the works with the valuable jury. As communication language founders, we create common visual and audio languages across countries and cultures. I love this common language of ours. It is a great honour and chance to evaluate the works together with the Young Drummers jury,” stated Özge Güven, Design Director at TBWA\Istanbul from Turkey.

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