Nothing is created unless it is dreamt first


Today we honoured our dear Hall of Fame Member, the great Dragan Sakan – Saki, his deeply seeded roots into the Golden Drum community, and his rich legacy with a short documentary prepared by Žarko and Lazar Sakan and their agency New Moment New Ideas Company from Belgrade, Serbia.

His visionary spirit inspired many of his dear colleagues, friends, and people from the advertising industry and beyond: ’’Dragan Sakan did not work in advertising, he lived it. I don’t know anyone that could match him in that respect. A wonderful, maybe the most wonderful chapter of advertising is closed,’’ said Jure Apih, another Golden Drum Hall of Fame member.

Nobody has done more to put the Balkan advertising on the world map than Dragan Sakan, Advertising Age magazine from Washington, described him as “an almost mythical figure, a man who transformed propaganda into advertising in the Balkan region.”

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