[SHOWREEL] Let’s see the Golden Drum entries

Check out the screening of the work entered at the 26th Golden Drum competition and let yourself be inspired by creative works competing for the best of the best in the WHAT and WHY competition sections.

Robert Scott Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] How to data. Creatively.

Markus will demonstrate how to not just sit on the big data bullshit heap and rummage around indiscriminately, but how to focus on the crucial questions first for finding the right answers to create smart and touching work based on Science Fact instead of Science Fiction.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] What is sustainable advertising and why is it essential for tomorrow’s generations?

We live today in a tipping point period, preoccupations around climate change have never been so present and so validated as in the last months. Advertising cannot be impermeable to this gigantic consumer behaviour evolvement and needs to embrace these changes. Andrea will explain what exactly is sustainable advertising (not sustainable communication or green washing) and how to distantiate both antagonist schemes.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] Lessons from the world’s best campaigns

Join this insightful session to hear the lessons learned from the campaigns that topped this year’s WARC Rankings, with a focus on the campaigns which are effective in bringing societal change. Learn what the world’s best ads tell us about effectiveness in a low-attention economy and the need to be bold with creativity.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] Computational Creativity and Evolution of Our Lives

We, as human beings, all feel the pace of technology along with the change it brings in engineering applications, business world and our daily lives. One of the pioneering areas appears also in artificial intelligence (AI). So, what do we think about AI entering into art and creativity which we think are distant to technology and which we relate more to being human?

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[WORKSHOP] Speak now or forever hold your Brand

When it comes to taking risks, presenting, selling and executing bold ideas, we find it easier with pro-bono or social campaigns - but when it comes to the daily routine of our briefs, work plans and marketing tasks, we are usually choosing the safe and conservative path, our instinct is not to disturb or upset our clients or our consumers. During this workshop, we will inspire you to understand why this is the era to take risks, do bold creative work that touches people, and take a stand on how choosing this path will bring our clients and brands a long term relationship and make consumers choose the bold brand, the one who dares to take a stand and not the one that hold it tongue.

Roald Amundsen Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] Found in translation

Find out what is lost and what is found in tackling global tensions through local stories and how to make the world understand them.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] Redefining Virtual Reality

Find out how Avatar VR haptic gloves have redefined Virtual Reality and how they can change humanity. Take a journey through different real projects; from aerospace, training, simulation and health, to social Impact with NeuroDigital Technologies most awarded work »Touching Masterpieces« to understand why haptics can be the philosopher’s stone in Virtual Reality.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

Creativity requires an active mind. How better to fuel your creativity than to take a break from inspiring lectures and to visit the Golden Drum’s food corner? A variety of warm meals for only 10 EUR and a complimentary welcome drink awaits!

TreeTop Restaurant, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] Raw or Die

Boogie is a real master of ghetto photography, tireless hunter of the cities and human souls. He has a fast hand and a good eye. Camera is his weapon and he is a number one “shooter” in Belgrade, and also in Brooklyn. He is all about rawness and goes straight to the end in the same direction that advertising is supposedly going nowadays. During this talk Jasmina and Boogie will among other things speak about advertising – is it really going towards rawness? And how much rawness is in advertising today?

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[WORKSHOP] Public Relations in the Digitalized Future, Pardon the Present

Public Relations as a profession has been established in the world for decades, while regionally we have experienced its bloom only over the past 20 years. Often seen as a less profitable child, today Public Relations is a cool profession that everyone would like to work in. Why is this profession so cool, where is its place in the digitized present and future, and why it might be more influential and creative than ever, will be the questions answered by Krešimir Macan.

Roald Amundsen Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] Phygital as a passion

Learn how using phygital to connect the online and offline worlds will allow you to create closer, more efficient, and human customer experiences.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] Production and Direction: How the pros do it!

Get ready for a journey through the production and direction of films, music videos, and commercials. For those eager to hear anecdotes and catchy histories, this duo would love to band your ear to talk about what it’s like to cooperate with big names such as Radiohead and/or Oscar-nominated talent.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[PORTFOLIO SPEED DATING] Save the world and save your ideas

Show your exciting idea on how Coca-Cola can act for a world without waste and win big! Bring your portfolio together with those great ideas, this is your moment to shine! You can win big: 3.000 EUR (Grand Prix), 2.000 EUR (Gold Prize) and 1.000 EUR (Silver Prize)!

Roald Amundsen Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] Well, if you’re here, then who’s taking care of the kids?

Is there still a glass ceiling in our world? Can I break this ceiling by myself? Who made this ceiling? Did you know that there was a ceiling when you were a small kid? In this session, Burçak will ask many questions to all of us trying to find the inner answers.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[TALK] What’s burning in the Amazon forests?

What are we to do in such depressive times when dreams seem to fade away? Is really the only choice we have between nostalgic rememberance and the cynical realisation that any attempt to change the situation had to fail? No, we should bring in the perspective of the future that lies dormant in the hidden potential of the present. But such signs of the future are discernible only from an engaged position.

Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

After a long day you deserve a happy hour! A chance to mingle with new people, meet old friends and make new business associates.

Coca-Cola Beach, Mind Hotel Slovenija
[OPENING PARTY] Party with a purpose

Better have your dancing shoes on, because this party will kick off the festival in style! This year we are going to have a good time with a great cause. Dj Lady Bunny will be generating excitement, giving good vibes of energy and love. But that’s not all, the fun times can be extended if we recycle every bottle. For each bottle recycled at the party, we will extend the party with 1 minute. Have fun!

Caffe Teater, Piran

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