Citylight with flexible working hours

Awards: Bronze Drum
Entry code: 0310001GD22
Agency: Slovák & Friends
Advertiser / client: Lidl
Group: C. OUT OF HOME (OOH), Corporate advertising

Creative idea

Lidl offers positions with flexible working hours. We created unique OOH where employees promoted these type of job positions only during their real flexible working hours. We created three 24-hour videos tracking three different employees working schedules. Outside of their working hours, the citylight was left without an employee.

Brand name: Lidl
Advertiser / client: Lidl
Product / service: Job positions with flexible working hours
Campaign name: Citylight with flexible working hours
Agency: Slovák & Friends
Production company: Azyl Production
Creative director: Róbert Slovák
Art director: Lucia Lavríková
Copywriter: Silvia Gašparcová
Designer: Jakub Mikula
Account director (agency): Kristína Stella Krištúfková, Natália Šebová
Media director: Lucia Hronská, Unimedia
Managing director: Kristína Stella Krištúfková
Strategic planner / strategist: Romana Umrianová
Film production: Viliam Štrelinger
Director of photography: Lukáš Teren


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