Borsodi Moment

Entry code: D28002GD19
Agency: Borsodi Sörgyár Kft.
Advertiser / client: Mito
Group: D Audio, D28 Food & Drinks

Creative idea

Has it ever happened to you that you have a song stuck in your head for days and you just can’t remember what it’s called? But when you finally find out what it is, that is a real everyday joy. Or as we call it on the frothy side of life: a Borsodi Moment. Something like this. As part of the launch campaign of the new creative platform for Borsodi we created a radio ad that had a hidden surprise.

Brand name: Borsodi
Advertiser / client: Borsodi Sörgyár Kft.
Product / service: FMCG
Campaign name: Borsodi Moment
Agency: Mito
Creative director: Gergely Marosi
Copywriter: Dániel Ördög Kovács
Account director (agency): Zsófi Miklós
Strategic planner / strategist: Brigi Csurgó, Andrea Kovács


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