Awards: Shortlist
Entry code: X12003GD19
Agency: Andrey Tyukavkin
Advertiser / client: Andrey Tyukavkin
Group: X Engagement, X12 Public & Community Relations

Campaign idea

Technology and creativity are all the hype, but how does one prove to have mastered both? Mark Tutssel: 'Everything in this case is a cleverly constructed lie and shameless self-promotion, yet it is done with a lot of self-humour and uses cutting edge technology to show how Andrey, the ideal creative of today in my opinion, combines his experience in Publicis with software development skills. DeepFake copies of famous advertising people are used in a job-seeking stunt for the first time ever, but I'm sure more will come as we step into a new era for the whole advertising business'.

Brand name:
Advertiser / client: Andrey Tyukavkin
Product / service: Self-promotion
Campaign name: DeepBogusky
Agency: Andrey Tyukavkin
Additional company:
Web address:
Executive creative director: Andrey Tyukavkin
Film production: begemotfoto
Director of photography: Al Lapkovskiy
Additional company: Alexander Kuznetsov


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