Prijateľní.sk (hireables/acceptables)

Entry code: Z14009GD19Agency: Respect APP, BratislavaAdvertiser / client: Divé maky
Group: Z Social Good, Z14 Non-profit social good

Campaign idea

We have received terrible statistics on discrimination against Roma within the labour market. With Divé Maky, an organisation that helps Roma, we wanted to draw attention to this situation. We created a promo video for an absurd solution to this absurd problem - a non-existent service on the website,, that was meant to whitewash Roma's CVs. Thanks to this controversial fictitious service, information about employer bias spread like wildfire. The topics caught the attention of the media, politicians and the President of the Slovak Republic. Many companies added themselves to the list of responsible employers on

  • Brand name: Divé maky
  • Advertiser / client: Divé maky
  • Product / service: campaign against discrimination against Roma
  • Campaign name: Prijateľní.sk
  • Agency network: INDEPENDENT AGENCY
  • Agency: Respect APP, Bratislava
  • Additional company: SKPR STRATEGIES
  • Web address:
  • Creative director: Róbert Slovák, Yolka Udičová, Ondrej Štefánik
  • Art director: Viktor Kamenický, Róbert Vizváry
  • Copywriter: Lenka Slovák Bónová
  • Account director (agency): Ema Rajčanová
  • Strategic planner / strategist: Katarína Adamkovič
  • Director of photography: Viktor Kamenický