Hit The Hood

Entry code: Z15036GD19
Agency: Çelik Motor
Advertiser / client: Havas Istanbul
Group: Z Social Good, Z15 Profit social good

Campaign idea

Campaign is designed to be aired mostly in Istanbul where it is known as a cat city.Awareness and responsiveness for these kinds of campaigns are the most effective in big cities.That’s why we selected the one and only artist where you talk about percussion.The campaign is designed for one of the most common problems of Turkey.Over 130.000 stray cats live in Istanbul streets.When winter comes,these cats hide under the car hoods where it’s warm to protect from the cold.Unfortunately, when the car engines start, this mostly causes the death of these unsuspecting cats.Although people know that they need to hit the hood before starting the engine, they usually forget this.

Brand name:
Advertiser / client: Çelik Motor
Product / service: Second hand automobile service platform
Campaign name: Çelik Motor
Agency network: HAVAS WORLDWIDE
Agency: Havas Istanbul
Production company: Film Park
Web address:
Executive creative director: Ergin Binyıldız
Creative director: Yavuzhan Gel
Art director: Ahmet Sefer, Betül Saykan, Dilara Tuncer, Can Yaylacıkoral
Copywriter: Umut Karacaoğlu, Tuğçe Kısacık
Account director (agency): Yiğit Uysal, Özge Asan Dereçayır, İlayda Bahçıvan
Director: Koray Ağzıyağlı
Agency producer: Sıla Salgın
Additional company: Social Media: Üstüngel Arı, Yıldız Kaya, İsmail Postalcıoğlu, Selin Akbay, Ece Özmet İşsever. Creative Technologist: Mustafa Bülek


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