Love Errors

Šifra: Z14007GD19Agencija: Direct Media KRES SofiaNaročnik komunikacij: Bulgarian Fund for Women
Skupina: Z Social Good, Z14 Non-profit social good

Ideja kampanje

Every third woman in Bulgaria is a victim of abuse. There is a massive escalation of female murders in recent months. While other European countries take action against domestic violence, in Bulgaria, nothing seems to be changing. Prevention is the most important weapon against this pressing problem. That is why we have developed Love Errors in social media and outdoors. It challenges disempowering patterns of thought which hold young women captive to abusive relationships and keeps them aware. In three months, Love Errors reached more than 2 186 000 people and provoked a serious discussion in media and social platforms.

  • Ime znamke ali podznamke: BGFundForWomen
  • Naročnik komunikacij: Bulgarian Fund for Women
  • Izdelek / storitev: Prevention campaign against gender-based violence
  • Ime kampanje: Love Errors: Prevention campaign against gender-based violence
  • Agencijska mreža: INDEPENDENT AGENCY
  • Agencija: Direct Media KRES Sofia
  • Spletni naslov:
  • Izvršni kreativni direktor: Stanislava Ivkova
  • Tekstopisec: Stanislava Ivkova
  • Oblikovalec: Maria Cheshmedzhieva
  • Direktor projektov: Velislava Simova
  • Strateg: Tanya Ivanova
  • Ilustrator: Maria Cheshmedzhieva
  • Filmska produkcija: Martin Stefanov
  • Post produkcija: Martin Stefanov
  • Spletna produkcija: Martin Stefanov
  • Spletni načrtovalec: Tanya Ivanova