Eliza Misiecka

Chief Executive Officer, Genesis PR, Poland

Eliza Misiecka, PhD - founder and CEO of GENESIS PR, 27 years of experience in PR. Between 1999-2006 has worked in Rowland Communications as director of the corporate and financial department and then strategic director. Before that had gathered PR experience in profile PR agency. Developed wide knowledge in terms of corporate and financial PR, as well as crisis management and investor relations. Professional track includes conducting over 700 long-term campaigns for the business Clients, NGO's and public administration. Conducts lecturers on University of Economics in Kraków, as well as in the Journalism Institute of Warsaw University.

Eliza Misiecka is graduated from Warsaw University, Management Department. Additionally, has completed postgraduate studies at Psychology Department (Warsaw University) and PhD studies at Warsaw School of Economics, Management&Finance Department. The PhD title has completed at Journalism Department of Warsaw University, under the supervision of Prof. PhD Jerzy Olędzki.

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