Listen to Gen Z now for the sake of Alpha


​Dear Drummers, we're thrilled to introduce our first speaker of the 30th Golden Drum Festival!

Meet Jay Richards, a visionary entrepreneur, speaker, and CEO of Imagen Insights. His mission? Bridging the gap between brands and Gen Z with unfiltered feedback from this brutally honest generation. Named Forbes 30 Under 30, Jay empowers global household names with groundbreaking insights for crafting successful marketing strategies. With his work at Imagen Insights, he has helped transform the marketing strategies for giants like Amazon Prime Video, Google, and Unilever. 

At the Golden Drum stage, Jay will unveil how Gen Alpha, growing up with influencer parents, marks a significant shift in consumer behaviour. But what does this mean for brands and agencies? Join us in a thought-provoking session as he discusses the importance of marketers tuning into Gen Z and leveraging these insights to engage Gen Alpha!

If you are ready to embrace this upcoming generation, get your delegate pass now!

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