Looking for a good reasons to enter your works? 22. 08. 2018

Jaime Mandelbaum, Chief Creative Officer, Y&R Europe, Czech Republic & WHAT Jury President

“For 25 years the Golden Drum has been setting the pace for the region, displaying what’s to come and curating world class work from CEE, it’s a pleasure and a great honor to be part of the jury on the anniversary of the festival. I’m looking forward to seeing your great works and maybe you will be one of the few that will show what lies ahead for the region and our industry.”

Alexey Fedorov, Executive Creative Director, BBDO Moscow, Russia & WHAT Jury Member

“Of course, it’s very cool to win awards. Unfortunately, not everyone wins. Nevertheless, an outside perspective helps to improve your work, and the very participation in the festival is already developing you. You get excited, watch other’s work and compare your performance with the winners. Every festival participant has a great opportunity to get something that could help him to become a winner next time.”

Izabela Albrychiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Wavemaker Poland, Poland & WHAT Jury Member

“My name is Izabela Albrychiewicz, CEO of Wavemaker Poland. I have the privilege to be a member of the Jury in 2018 Golden Drum. Golden Drum has been the source of inspiration for quarter of a century now. It’s not surprising that this year’s main theme is Revealing the fuel of Inspiration. I’m looking for a lot of inspiration from great works around the region. Diversity, complex history, rapid economic development of this region are just a few of the factors that fuel creativity, thinking outside the box and questioning the status quo. I’d like to strongly encourage all the agencies and clients to take part and enter their great campaigns to the contest. Inspire others and get a lot of inspiration. I’m looking forward to being exposed to the best and most ground-breaking works in the industry.”

Martin Svetlík, Digital Creative Director, McCann Prague, Czech Republic & WHAT Jury Member

“Majority of people in advertising spend more of their talent on the next version of that corporate newsletter than on changing the world for the better. And they desperately need a reminder that they can still love this amazing job. That’s why it is our responsibility as an industry to showcase the best work in the region; created by our peers, who live with the same pains and challenges as us, and still manage to create the brilliant work we all try to replicate in our brainstorming sessions. If you are hesitating with the submissions – please, do it. Do it for all the people who need to fall in love with advertising again, because brilliance is just as contagious as mediocrity.”

Koenraad Lefever, Creative Director, Duval Guillaume, Belgium & WHAT Jury Member

“It’s time to celebrate! It’s time to recognize work that pushes the boundaries in our industries. I say yes to brave clients who want to go the extra mile when it comes to creative translations of their briefings. Hell yes to the talented people who give all their passion to surprise and touch me with their well crafted messages. Most of our creations are very temporary and for 95% of all advertising that’s a good thing… but the other 5% deserves to be remembered. Here ‘s Golden Drums 2018!”

Susana Albuquerque, Creative Director, Uzina, Portugal & WHAT Jury Member

It’s a big honour to serve as a jury member at the Golden Drum. It’ll also be my first time attending the festival. I’m very excited about what I’ll see and learn. These days we tend to look at the same places, same countries, same award shows, same agencies, so I look forward to see inspiring work coming from markets I know little about. I guess that’s what most of you feel about Portugal, so this maybe a good opportunity to see new ways of inspiring people coming from different places in Europe.”

Mag. Wolfgang Kindermann, Creative Director, isobar Vienna, Austria & WHAT Jury Member

“In a time of decreasing marketing budgets and courage it is more important than ever, to remember everyday what is most crucial in communication. It is not design, it is not text, it is not technique. It is neither the internet in general nor social media in particular. It is, what has to be invented every day anew on the one hand and on the other, will remain forever. It is: an idea. And one of the best possibilities to get inspired for new ones, is, to submit at Golden Drum. To choose your own best works, to reflect and present them, to discover the ones of your competitors, to learn from and talk to them. And moreover, with a little luck, get rewarded. So, to quote Henry Rollins: “Don’t lie about it. Do it.”

Bernd Fliesser, Chief Creative Officer, JANDL (Vienna/Bratislava/Prague), Slovak Republic & WHY Jury Member

“I have already prepared the acceptance speech for all creatives. Now all you have to do is submit to the Golden Drum, win and give your speech on stage:
“Wow. My goodness. Is it okay to say that I wanted a Golden Drum when I was a kid? Many thanks to my old piano teacher. You persuaded me to become a Creative Director. All your customers, you are the true heroes, you should stand up here as well. If my therapist had not steered me through the rough waters of my soul, I would never have been able to do this campaign. My CEO should not be unmentioned here. There he sits, wink! Hey! My heart just hit a beat – then it jumped. I cannot put it into words just how happy I am right now. I would like to encourage all those who are still hesitant: submit! For everyone involved, this campaign was a heart project. This award makes me so proud. Forgive me for vanity. Many Thanks! I wish us all a great evening!““

Cristiana Zito, Head of strategy, DDB Barcelona, Spain & WHY Jury Member

“I am really proud to be part of the Golden Drum’s jury. It’s my first festival as jury member and it wouldn’t have been a better baptism. I have a special relationship with Slovenia due I visited it for holidays many times in the past and I’ve always thought it’s a beautiful, inspiring and open-minded country. So I really like the idea of this multi-cultural festival that embraces many different countries and that this year also opens to Spain, where I live and work. I can’t wait to enjoy the enthusiasm and adrenaline of being part of this event, to meet great professionals of our industry and have the honour and responsibility to judge the best works of many great agencies. And I am not going to lie-also the beautiful location wouldn’t have been more attractive! So don’t hesitate, enter your creative pieces and see you soon at beautiful Portorož!”

Jakub Korolczuk, Executive Creative Director, Grey Group Poland, Poland & WHY Jury Member

“The world is full of crap. Only truly meaningful and valuable works stand out and should be recognized.”

Maya Sharan, VP Creative, TBWA/YEHOSHUA, Israel & WHY Jury Member

“I am Maya, VP Creative in TBWA Tel Aviv. I work for the agency for the last 4 years, previous worked for Publicis as creative manager. Among our brands I deal with international brands such as McDonalds, Muller, Toyota and Local brands such as Fatal hotels, Discont bank and more. Our agency deals with all aspects of advertising including offline medias and digital. I live in Tel Aviv, mother of wonderful 5 years old Lia 🙂 I believe that advertising in our new time is something that doesn’t starts or ends in a campaign and needs to bring real value to our partner both on the creative side and on the business side. In times of over massaging and information, brands and agencies with the courage to present true values and stand behind them stand out. As seen in the past festivals, works that took a side in a controversial debate and went all the way with that got the positive attention from both the industry and public opinion. Don’t hesitate to bring your own idea and present it to our industry.”

Mitja Tuškej, Managing Director, Direct Media and Brand Strategist, Formitas BBDO, Slovenia & WHY Jury Member

“I’m really enthusiastic with the new WHY category! I strongly believe that new category will give a new opportunity for today’s crucial way of thinking where brand strategy and creative execution have to be bound in one really stable and focused entity. My focus of judging will be connected with understanding the strategic point of view for all entrants. So, my appeal for all brand strategists is: “Guys, go for it! Finally, brand strategists got the chance to show to all people how important is to think and act in right strategic way which lead in combination with perfect creativity to huge brand success!”

Josefine Richards, Creative Director, INGO Stockholm, Sweden & Young Drummers Competition Jury President

”The winner of Young Drummers 2018 will not look like any poster we’ve seen before. It will grab us by the heart and tell a story beyond the poster media. It will make the town of Piran famous and its creator 3000 Euros richer. Take the chance and show us what you’ve got!”

Mag. Igor Novel, Director, Tourist Board Portorož, Slovenia & Young Drummers Competition Jury Member

“Dear Young Drummers, I hope that our beautiful town of Piran, its charming sights, curious history and famous violin virtuoso Giuseppe Tartini will inspire and encourage you to create the most unique poster for Piran ever. Good luck!”

Mitja BokunIllustrator and Creative Director, Slovenia & Young Drummers Competition Jury Member

“Hi Young Drummers. Hope you are enjoying best summer and you are in chase for best creative ideas for Piran posters. My short advice to you would be: be yourself, explore, most important don’t try to win, but try to be unique and let your work supprise yourself. And mostly KISS – keep it simple and stupid.”