PR ≠ Lying


Four experts from the biggest PR agencies in Poland - Dirk Aarts, Managing Partner at 24/7Communication, Grzegorz Szczepański, Chief Executive Officer at Hill & Knowlton Strategies, Eliza Misiecka, Chief Executive Officer at Genesis PR and Sebastian Stępak, Chief Executive Officer at MSLGROUP - came together to discuss how controversies in their country are impacting their business life as PR experts and how they advise their clients on this.

Grzegorz described the situation: ’’PR is being labeled the same as all other communication techniques less ethical and professional, such as propaganda, blaming, shaming, fake news… This is a shame because PR has a chance to create a bonding bridge between different sides and lead balanced debates.’’

As Stefan said: ‘’Right now, people think PR is the same as lying and we as an industry have to struggle with it. Our reputation and the way we are being perceived is heavily impacted by polarization in opinions.’’

‘’There is less space for consultations, debate, or any rational proposals, but we have to somehow create a dialog with the government. This is a business opportunity, but for tougher ones,’’ added Eliza.

They concluded that brands can always find a way to use the challenging situation to create new ideas. Real social initiatives are getting more interesting for corporations, and this is the area where businesses can and should be more active.


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