Pre-post pandemic time: speed acting is the new speed dating


During the pandemic, the world faced the same problems together for the first time. But how has this affected the Russian advertising market?

Vlad Sitnikov, Partner at POSSIBLE Group Moscow, Brand Director at Skillbox and Vice-president of RACA, Sergey Efimov, Marketing Technologies Director at OMD OM Group Russia (part of Omnicom), Co-chairman of AdTech committeeat RACA, and AngelsDeck venture investors club member, and Irina Romanova, Executive Director, PHD, and Co-chairman of pharma communications committee at RACA, discussed the trends that Re:Shaped the industry in the past year and a half.

They realised that nowadays, Russian agencies are keen on working with technology due to the rise of competition from start-ups and big IT companies. The model of advertising agencies is changing because the relationship between agencies and clients is changing.

’There was no time because clients had to react fast and deliver results to owners quickly. They needed someone to trust and believe in therefore, creative agencies started evolving into consultant agencies. It was not speed dating but speed acting’’ summarized Vlad.

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